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Marlborough Community House

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Here's what people said about BETTER LIVING ...

Nora, the mother . . . . . . . . .  Margaret Lynott
Jack, Nora's brother . . . . . . . . . . . Jeff Repko
Gail, younger daughter . . .Christy Wendlandt
Mary Ann, middle daughter . . . . .Mia Moravis
Elizabeth, old daughter . . . Amanda Warman
Tom, the father. . . . . . . . . . . . .  Gary Gagnon
Junior Dawson, Gail's boyfriend . .Ian Canfield

"Thanks to the cast, director and crew of 'Better Living' at the Branch River Theatre for a fun and provocative show." ...  Merrilyn T. via FaceBook

"Such a great time tonight! Dinner at Olive Garden with mom and friends, and then a fantastic show at BRT where I got to catch up with some great people!" ... Cristen R. via FaceBook

Synopsis ...

George F. Walker's darkly comic play about a family faced with the return of their abusive patriarch ten years after they tried to kill him. The three daughters find idiosyncratic ways to deal with their dysfunctional parents. The mother's out-of-the-ordinary ideas include taking a jackhammer to the basement floor to build a cavern where the family can live better. The father, an ex-cop, commandeers his wife's project putting the whole family into survivalist mode.

Walker said of  the play, "These warrior women and the guy trying to find a place with them again are all working to survive in a threatening environment, struggling to make it in the world ... an attempt to hang in there."

Ariel Printing, Carrie Kidd, Community House of Marlborough, Knights of Columbus, Maureen McHugh, NH Theatre Awards, Pam Walther, Steve Bunn

"Great. twisted "dark" comedy." ... David T. via FaceBook

Come and help solve a murder!

While a wine tasting takes place at a vineyard - owned by Barry Underwood -  he turns up missing and is found murdered that evening. You have several suspects interspersed with audience members who could be witnesses in the event. It involves finger pointing, accusations, clues and creates an evening of audience participation and hilarity. So help the Detective (Eric Walther) interrogate  the suspects (Jennifer Bond, Matt Bond, CJ Cummings, Jonathan Flower, Lori Goldring, Margaret Lynott, Chris McCartie, Mia Moravis) and solve the murder!

See if  can you solve the ... Murder in Napa Valley

Aerosmith, Ariel Printing, Ben Gagnon,
C&S Wholesale Grovers, Carrie Kidd, Community House of Marlborough, Great North Artists Management, Inc, Keene State College Theatre 1996, Leonard, Matt Bond,
NH Theatre Awards, Pam Walther, Ray Thilbeaut, Shamrock Real Estate, Inc,
Sodexo Dining Services at Keene State College, Steve Bunn

"I had to scoot out after the show on Friday night but wanted to send a quick email to say how much I enjoyed it. Thank you all for putting on a great show! Loved the set, loved the cast and it was directed beautifully. Great job Branch River! Looking forward to seeing more of your productions." ... Rachel V. via e-mail

Co-ordinators: Eric Walther and Jen Bond
Costumes: Margaret Lynott
Properties: Eric Walther
Caterer: David's Catering
Ticket Sales/Box Office: BRT Board Members
Publicity Coordinators: C.J. Cummings (newspaper)
Newsletter: Gail Connelly
Webmaster: Sharon McHugh
Facebook: Lori Goldring

"Excellent performance. Was a pleasure to watch and I had some much needed laughs. Amazing how a 20 year production still relates today." ,,, Don D. via FaceBook
"Not only did Carol and I love the show, I loved the Leonard Cohen interludes." ... Dean E. via FaceBook

Director: Eric Walther
Executive Producer: Jeff Repko
Production Manager: Pam Walther
Scenic Designer: Lori Goldring
Set Construction: Matt Bond, Jeff Repko
Set Painting & Properties: Ian Canfield, Lori Goldring, Margaret Lynott, Ray Thibeault, Eric Walther, Pam Walther, Amanda Warman, Christy Wendlandt
Lighting Designer/Technician: Sharon McHugh  

Costumes: Margaret Lynott
Sound Design: Gary Gagnon
Sound Technican: Ben Gagnon
Poster /Programs: Eric Walther
Printing: Ariel Printing
Concessions :  Cast and BRT Board Members
Ticket Sales/Box Office: BRT Board Members
Publicity Coordinator: C.J. Cummings
Newsletter: Gail Connelly
Webmaster: Sharon McHugh
Facebook: Lori Goldring
Lobby/Publicity Photos: Ben Gagnon (Publicity Photos)

(l-r): Mia Moravis, Christy Wendlandt, Ian Canfield, `Margaret Lynott, Gary Gagnon and Amanda Warman

Dinner by David's Catering of Putney, VT
On the Menu (subject to change)

Selection of Cheese and Fruit w/Crackers and Toasted Pita      

Napa Valley Salad  (Mixed Greens, Napa, Pistachios w/Orange Fennel Vinagrette & Basil Crustini)    

Chicken Chardonnay (Pan Seared Chicken w/Artichoke, Tomato and Chardonnay Reduction Sauce)
Wild Mushroom Fettucini w/Asiago Olive Herb Cream
Spring Vegetable Malay   *   Ginger Spring  Onion Basmati Saute   *   Fresh Strawberry Almond Tart