Uniforms+ Plus, Urology Associates of the Monadnock Region

Take 1 Video Photography, Targett Dry Cleaners, Tarot Card Readings, Tattersall & Associates Real Estate, Teleflex Fluoroplastics, That's Italian,

The Toadstool Bookshops, Top End Sportswear, Top Flight Travel, Torsey Lawn Care, Totally Shears, Tyke Truck Equipment

Savings Bank of Walpole, Scotty's Camera Shop, Sequoya Technologies Group LLC, Seth MacLean Enterprises, Shamrock Real Estate, Sharwear, shop4thefuture.com, Simon's Jewelers, Sky Data, Small Pond Productions, Sprigs'n'Twigs, The Spring House, Springfield Community Players, The Stage Restaurant, Stevens Graphics, StingRay Graphics, Stop 'N' Go Video, Subaru of Keene, Summer Concerts On the Green in Walpole, Sun Foods

Rachel's, Ray's Painting, Red Roof Restaurant, Reedy's Food Center, Remember Basil Ltd., Rent-1-Plus, Repair and Restoration,

Rev. Dr. Jay Terbush, Roadhouse Sons, Robert D. Van Valzah Sr. - Artist, Roger's Breakfast-Lunch & Pub, Ron & Mary's DJ & Karaoke Services RONISKINS, Rousell's of Keene Inc.

Quality Shoppe

Oak Grove, OK Fairbanks, Olive Kids, "On Location" Photography Studios, Otter Brook Brewing Supplies

The MacMillin Company Inc., Mark Armstrong-Illustration, Markem-Image, The Marketing Clinic, Mary Kay - Leslie L. Farmer, Mascoma Savings Bank, The Masiello Agency Inc., Mason Insurance Agency, Maurices, McHugh Engineering, McKerley Health Care Center, Medical Hall Pharmacy,

The Melody Shop, Memorable Messages, Miller Bros.-Newton, Millwork Masters Inc., Miranda's Veranda, Monadnock Area Peer Support Agency, The Monadnock Men's Resource Cntr, Monadnock Music, Monadnock Numismatic Service, Monadnock Radio Group, Monadnock Region Humane Society, Morrell Metalsmiths LTD, Mortts - The Shoe Superstore, The Moving Company (MoCo Arts), MPB Corporation, Munsonville Audio

Lady of America, Lawrence R. Wright & Sons, Learn & Play, Life Art Community Resource Center, Lindy's Diner, Lookin' Back Inc.,

Lost Discs Radio Show, Lynn C. Rust C.P.A.

Kapiloff Insurance Agency Inc., Karl Roberts, Keating Plumbing and Heating, Keats Industrial Park, Keene Furs and Fashions Inc.,

Keene Mill End Store Inc., Keene Senior Center, Keene State College, Keene's Banking Community, Keep-Em Healthy Veterinary Clinic,

Kendall's Office Specialistics Inc., The Knitting Knook, Korvin Appliance Inc.

J & J Discount, J. Bell's Used Appliances, J.K. Kernozicky - Chimney Cleaner, J.P.M. Tuxedos, Jack's True Value Hardware, Jake's 5 Star Convenience & Deli, Jay McMahon - Magician, Jeff Stout Concepts, Jennings Agency - Century 21, Jimmy's - Haywood Food Srvcs Inc.,

Joe & Marty Kernozicky, Joe D., Journey to Ixtlan Bookstore

Imagistics, Imports Plus, Indian King Framery, Interface

Hal Grant Real Estate, Hampshire Music Co. Inc., Hamshaw Lumber Inc., Hannaford Super Stores, Happy Dayz, HKS Associates Inc., Holtz Family, The Hot Dog Man, House & The Still Water Band, H&R Block - Bert Torsey

General Tours, Give-A-Gram, Glen's Trucking, Goodnow's Department Store, Granite Bank, Graphiconcepts

Family Boot & Shoe Outlet, Fletcher Funeral Home, Flooring Concepts, Foley Funeral Home Inc., Foodstuffs, Frank Behrens - Tutor,

Fran's Auto Repair, Frank Behrens - Tutor, Furniture Outlet

E. F. Lane Hotel, Eagle's Loft Ltd., Eastern Transmission, Ed Bergeron's The Wood Shed, Edgewood Real Estate & Insurance, Elizabeth West,

Elm Street Market, Emily Dixon, Entertainment Times, Everything Goes Thrift Shop

Dale Carnegie®, Dave's Automotive Enterprises, David's, Deborah Anne's Boutique, Diet Center, Direct Line GR and Publishing,

DJ Mary B's Karaoke & DJ Services, Dunk's Texaco Inc.

C & S Wholesale Grocers, Carin Torp's Healing Arts PLLC, Carol's Consortium, Carol's Six Pence, Carpet Clearance Warehouse,

Cecil B. DeClown Entertainment, CFX Bank, Charles Beauregard and Sons, Charles Koch-Consulting Forester, Cheshire Floral Farm,

Cheshire Med Ctr Dartmouth-Hitchcock, Cheshire Music, Cheshire Oil Company Inc., Chet's Trucking, Clark Industries Inc.,

Clark Insurance Agency Inc., Cloud 9, Cobblestone Ale House, Cochrane's Bookstore, Coinland Antiques, Colony House Bed & Breakfast, Community House of Marlborough, Connecticut River Bank NA, Connecticut Valley - Pitney Bowes Co., Costume Ladies, Country Artisans, Court Street Veterinary Hospital, Craig McBeth, D.M.D., Creative Arts at Keene, Creative Memories, Creative Style, Curtis W. Mead - Cabinetmaker

Bagel Works, Bailey Auto Sales, Bathique, Belletetes of Peterborough NH, Bellygrams by Lorraine Purdy, Bentley Commons, Bi-Value Catalog Showroom, Bob Whitcomb Enterprises, Bookings Travel, Inc., Booksource, The Brick House Tile, Broadway Pizza & Subs, Brown & Tent Realtors,

Buckman Travel Inc., Burdicks Chocolates, Burgess & Leith, Butler Employment Agency, Buttercup Embroidery

Acqua Bistro, Actor's Circle Theatre, AD Ceramic Tile, Adventure Limosine, Alpha Pi Tau Fraternity, American Construction Inc.,

American School of Gymnastics, Amsden's Shoe Store, Anderson the Florist, Annie's Book Stop & Swap, Ann's Studio of Dance, Anonymous Donor, Antioch New England Graduate School, Antioch Psychological Services Center, The Apothecary, Arbor Gardens, Ariel Printing,

Arthur Whitcomb, Inc., The Arts Center on Brickyard Pond, Athens Pizza, Autex Mazda

4 Paws

The Advertisers ...

Stephanie Yarnell, Stephanie Yendell, Chris Yurgeles

Suzanne Walden, Betty Walker, Brenna Walsh, Eric D. Walther, Pamela K. Walther, Robert Wellington, Bonnie Wells, Steve Wells, Diane Wershing, Lisa Whitney, Bill Wilber, Ian Wilson, Winchester Theater Group, Mike Wood, Bob Wright

Doris Van Valzah, Robert Van Valzah Sr., Nancy Varney, Millie Vigneault

Nick Taaffe, David Tarbassian, August Tardiff, David Teubner, Ed Thorburn, Sharon Tobey, Bert Torsey, Lisa Tousley, Mark Tullgren

Charlie Sable, Wendy Safford, John Sansone, Scott Saxby, Ron Scherman, Paul Scheuring, Richard Seaver, Reinette Shaw, Marilyn Simons, Samantha Skove, Small Pond Productions, Christopher Smith, Patrick Smith, Sue Smith, Luke Snow, Pat Spicer, Ron Stanley, Reg Stetson,

Edie Stevens, Marle Stevens, Diane Stohler, William Stowe, Tyler Strickland, Jane Stucker, Sandy Swinburne, Molly Symons

Cassie Packard, Jean Packard, Jeannette Painchaud, Nancy Paquin, Deb Parker, Marsha Parody, Marilyn Parpan (Tullgren), Allison Pascucci,

Loren Pasler, Walter Pence, Kate Phillips, Debbie Pickering, Playwright's Theatre, Carla Press, Ruth Preus, Matthew Price, Brad Proctor,

Jeanne L. Proulx, Jen Purdy

James O'Brien, Jon Ripley O'Brien, Barbara O'Neill, Heidi Ort

Rich Neilsen, Barbra Nichelson, Melissa Nichelson, Pat Nichelson, Michael Nieckoski, Dennis Noonan, Bruce Norland

Kim Keating, Keene OnLine, Frank Kellom, Kenneth Kerbaugh, Marty Kernozicky, Carrie Kidd, Rhonda King, Susan Kingsbury, Charles Koch,

Les Kozaczek, Jim Kreyling, Roxanne Kreyling, Keith Kuningas

David Johnson, Dewees Johnson, Fred Johnson

Jenie Hale, Jan Haman. Kerry Harrison, Cindy Haskell, Robert Haskell, Bryan Hebert, Marty Hennum, Carrie Hornbeck, Vesta Hornbeck, Leslie Horton, Stephanie Hotin, Lisa Hutson

Jen Earley, CarolAnn Edscorn

Gerry Day, David's Catering, Tom Daniels, Simone Darr, Frank DeJohn, Holly DeJohn, Martha DeJohn, Sara DeJohn, David DeLollis, Matt Demko, Meg Derby, Pamela Dingee, Emily Dixon, Shannon Dunn, Laurie Durgan

Joan Barrett, Klaus Bayr, Sue Barry, Suzanne Bause, Fran Beckwith, Robin Beckwith, Catherine Behrens, Frank Behrens, Patty Bell, Scott Belt,

Joan Benik, Steve Berezin, Don Black, Michael Blair, Melissa Blanchard, Jennifer Bond, Matt Bond, Richard Booth, Traci Booth, Steve Bourque,

Jeff Brown, Rhonda Brown, Andrew Budelman, Steve Bunn, Kathy Bush, Mary Bush (Russell)

Paula Aarons, Meldoy Actouka, Lynda Albertson, Wendy Almeida, Ron Alvarez, Barbara Andrews, Mel Andrews, Antique Quest, Deb Archambeault, Ariel Printing, Mark Armstrong, Mary Armstrong, Terri Attas, Frances Avery

The Production Staff ...

Emily Walker, Galena Walker, Jennifer Walker, Mark Wallace, Brenna Walsh, Lisa Walsh, Eric D. Walther, Laurie Waninger, Courtney Warner,

Peggy Waterhouse, Robert Wellington, Bonnie Wells, Steve Wells, Christy Wendlandt, Elizabeth West, David Whalley, Kathy Wheeler, Emilia Whippie,

Ian Whippie, Susan White, Bob Whitney, David Whitney, Amy Wilber, Mellony Wilder, Marcia Williams, Ali Wilson, Ben Wise, Mike Wood, Bridey Woodward, Angie Wright, Michael Wright, Jenny Wyman, Josh Wyman, Sam Wyman, Travis Wyman

Todd Van Dell, Robert Van Valzah Sr., Syd Veysey, Magdalena Vinson, Sandra Vogel

Lucille Talle, Mark Tanzer, Annette Tardiff, David Taylor, Sarah Taylor, Leila Teitelman, Paul Teitelman, Tamar Teitelman, Al Tencati,

Rev. Dr. Jay Terbush, David Teubner, Doug Thompson, Sharon Tobey, Ed Tomey, Joshua Tomey, Carin Torp, Steve Torres, Bert Torsey,

Lisa Tousley, Todd Tousley, John Trombley, Elise Cannon Truttling, Marilyn (Parpan) Tullgren, Mark Tullgren, Tim Tyler

Tara Sabino-Potter, Charlie Sable, John Sansone, Tara Sansone (Gillard), Dee Scarborough, Paul Scheuring, Susan Schneider, Steve Schrader, Amber Seamans, Richard Seaver, Lisa Seelen, Emma Seidler, Beth Signoretti, Susan Silver, Marilyn Simons, Brent Skinner, Jennifer (Miller) Skinner, Liam Smedley, Christopher Smith, Grayson Smith, Megan Smith, Abigail Smudge, Eric Snare, Eric Southgate, Paul Spatarella, Katrina Spenceman, Cori Stabler, Stephen Stabler, Shelby Stanton, Nancy Stephens, Edie Stevens, Janelle Stettler, Marie Stevens, Marle Stevens, Lori Stoffel, Diane Stolar, Blair Stone, Jeff Stout, William Stowe, Patrick Strain, Mandy Stretch, Tyler Strickland, Lloyd Stubb, Elizabeth Sumner, Ken Susskind, Cecily Swinburne

David Raabe, John Raasoch, Sandra Raasoch, Emily Ranauro, Jonathan Ray, Jesse Raynes, Michael Redmond, Jeffrey Repko, Amy Reynelli.

Shanda Reynelli, Megan Riddle-Parsells, Emily Rios, Martha Robbins, Cynthia (Elmour) Rodier, Brandie Roog, Cristen L. Rosinski, Hannah Rousell.

Wilson Rousell, Maria T.E. Royce, Julie Rozhon, Hejara Russo, Vinita Russo

Cassie Packard, Jason Pagan, David Painchaud, John Pantzer, Deb Parker, Stephen Parker, Henry A. L. Parkhurst, Shawn Parkhurst,

Allison Pascucci, Loren Pasler, Daniel Patterson, Joel Patterson, Tyler Patria, Heidi Pauer, William Pearre, Debbie Peart, Logan Pekarske,

Debbie Pickering, Ariel Piedmont, Iris Piedmont-Fleishmann, Michael Plaistead, Caroline Price, Lydia Price, Paige Putnam

James O'Brien, Jon Ripley O'Brien, Marilyn Odendahl, John Ogelby, Erik Olsen, Katie O'Neill, Kim O'Neill, Elizabeth Oshel

Joe Naylor, Dick Nelson, Win Nelson, Rich Neilsen, Erica Newhall, Pat Nichelson, Shane Nickerson, Bruce Norland, John Norton

Kristin Machado, Donna Mackey, Kathy Mackey, Tiffany Mackey, Seth MacLean, Susan MacNeil, Carol Mahoney, Ray Mahoney, Matt Manchester,
John Mangiapane, Leigh Mann, Jason Manos, Louis Marchiony, Nick Marcotti, Jackie Marinoff, Patrick Marr, Barry Martin, Elizabeth Martin (Nieckoski),
Tom Martin, Susan Massey, Scott McCann, Chris McCartie, Kristin McCaughey, Mary McDowell, Jeannie McGartland, Ken McGovern, Kara McGrath,
Ken McGrath, Wendy McGrath (Mobilia), Jaime McGuigan, Sharon McHugh, John McMahon, Amy McQueen, JoAnne Mead, Margaret "PJ" Mead,
Mitch Mendys, Ken Merrifield, Loren Merrifield, Cindy Messer, Ruth Messer, Trish Metivier, Laurie Meyerrose, Ted Meyo, Mezzonoche the Cat,

Laura Micklos, Sherrie Middaugh, Yvette Mikhail, Gini Miller, Kimberley Miller, M. Beverly Miller, Jason Minott, James Mitchell, Mittens Magee the Cat, Sherri Morancie, Mia Moravis, Heather Morrison, Sherman Morrison, Willow Morrison, Krystyna Mort, Joshua Moscha, Sheri Moschan,

Nancy Mosteller (Preus), Kelli Murphey, Sam Murphy, R. David Murray, Lydia Musco, Taj Musco, Abigail Myre

Lance LaClair, Courtney Lafayette, Robert Lafond, Emily Landis, Helena Landis, Dennis LaPoint, Sherri LaPointe, Carla Larson, Leah Larson,

Lucas LaScala, Cassidy Lavalette, Joseph R. LaVigne, Tim Lawlor, Laura LeBlanc, Gerard Lefebvre, Mary Leighton, Andrew Lezcano, Damien Licata,

Maria C. Lienhardt, Karen Linsley, Monica Lord, George "Jed" Loring, Grant Love, Karen Levitt, Kay Lucius, Margaret Lynott, Claudia Lyon

Joseph Kaffko, Karie Kaffko, Elias Karter, Karl Karter, Emma Keating, Lauren Kelley, Fran Kemp, Neal Kennedy, Carrie Kidd, Susan Kingsbury, Jen Kingstorf, Arthur Knight, Arthur Knowles, Charles Koch, Rob Koch, Alana Korda, Bonnie Kraft, Irene Kreissle, Beth Kreyling, Jim Kreyling, Jordan Kreyling, Mariah Kreyling, Dan Kuhn, Guyon Kukalis, Mitch Kyle

Carl Jacobs, John Jantson, Brian Jarvis, Isabel John, David Johnson, Fred Johnson, Matt Johnson, Hanne-Birgitte Jorgensen

Heidi Fagan, Al Farrey, Selena Feurtado, Justin Fleischer, Siena Fleischer, Christopher Fleming, Stephanie Fletcher, Gregory Flower, Hallie Flower, Jonathan Flower, Kate (Williams) Flower, Sarah Flower, Tracy Flower, Dic Ford, Jodi Fortin, Linda Fragomeni (Walsh), Michael Franklin, David Franz, Jim Fredricksen, Richard Freed, Beth Freeman, John Friede, Roger Frigon, Fuzzy Logic

Dana Zak, Bernie Zucarelli

Dean Eaton, Carol Ann Edscorn, Peter Eisenstadter, James Elmour, Susan Ericson-West, Brie Everard

Emily Babonis, Jerry Babonis, Peter Babonis, James Baldwin, Colby Baker, Henry Balzarini, Dea Banish, Ke'ala Barnard, Allison Barrows.

Elizabeth Barry, Matthew Barry, Emily Bassarear, Suzanne Bause, Stephanie Bay, Fran Beckwith, Robin Beckwith, Catherine Behrens,

Frank Behrens, Richard Behrens, Leah Belanger, Scott Belt, Heather Bennett, Alfa Bishop, Nancy Bishop, Donald Black, Melissa Blanchard, Christen Boardman, Abigail Bond, Jennifer Bond, Matt Bond, Rich Booth, Traci Booth, Steve Bourque, Jonathan Brackett, Peter Breen, Jessica Brown, Tricia Brown, Andy Budelman, Frank Budelman,Mariette Burdick, Mary Bush (Russell), Ron Bush

Brenda Adams, Robert Alden, Wendy Almeida, Beth Anderson. Elaine Andrews, Mel Andrews, Mike Anthony, Annie Antonellis, Carmela Antonellis, Emanuela Antonellis, William Appleton, Mark Armstrong, Mary Armstrong, William Arnott IV, Skip Avery

The Performers ...

Here's a list of just some of the people, businesses and sponsors that have either performed or supported BRT over the years ... if we've forgotten anyone, our sincere apologizes.

Who's Who 1983-present


P.O. Box 336 
Keene, NH 03431



(603) 876-6131 



Lance & Chris LaClair, Ladies Circle of the Community House of Marlborough, Scott Lamson, Langdon Place,  “Late Great Aunts Cardie, Freddie and Haddie White,” Marilyn Leahy, CJ Leake, Rob Leatherman, Edward, Gidder & Jerry Lefebvre, Leisure Weekly, Jim Letourneau, Richard Levine, Life Art Community Resource Center, Lindy's Diner, Margaret Lynott

Sandra Raasoch, Rachael, Piper Reason, Michael Redmond, Wally Reney, Jeffrey Repko, Carol Ripley, Martha Robbins, Pat Robinson,

Ron & Mary's Karaoke & DJ Services, RONISKINS, Eli Rood, Cristen L. Rosinski, Alison Rossiter, Julie Rozhon, Vinita Russo

Edward Walther, Eric D. & Pamela K. Walther, Lenore Walther, Doug Warner, Adam Weinreich, Larry Weisberg, Robert Wellington, West St. Texaco, Wheeler Vocational Tech. Center, Whetstone Theatre Company, Mr. & Mrs. David Wichland, Wilber Brothers Market, Deb Wilson,

Winchester Theater Group, WKBK & WKNE, Women's Fellowship UCC of Keene, Woodward's Antiques, Worden's Quality Printing, Bob Wright, Elizabeth Wright, WXOD/WKBK

C & S Wholesale Grocers, Chris Callahan, Campbell Dental Laboratory, Carin Torp Healing Arts LLC, Carpet Clearance Warehouse,

Charles Beauregard & Sons, Gibson & Gina Chase-Pinkney, Cheshire Color Service, Cheshire Floral Farm, Cheshire Hospital R.E.A.C.H. Committee, Cheshire Medical Center, Cheshire TV - Channel 8, Chili's of Keene, Liz Clutterbuck, Cobbler's Bench, Leonard Cohen, Frank Collins,

Colony Music of New York, Community House of Marlborough, Bethany Conklin, Connecticut River Bank, Gail Connelly, Andrew Cooke,

Costume Ladies, Creative Style, Crotched Mtn Rehabilitation Center, Dan Cummings, Tom Cummings, Captain Thomas Cunningham, Curry Copy Center, Curtis W. Mead Cabinetmaker

Vermont Theatre Company, Video Headquarters, Video Plus, Video Reflections Inc., The Vitality Shop

Playing around for more than 40 years ...


Marlborough Community House

160 Main Street

Route 101

Marlborough NH 03455 

Donna Mackey, Kathy Mackey, Sharon Manos, Patrick Marr, Albie Mason, Patrick Mason, Chris McCartie, Ken McGovern, Wendy McGrath,

Maureen McHugh, Sharon McHugh, Mollie McKenzie, Seth McLean, John McMahon, JoAnne Mead, Barbara Mellish (Andrews), Loren Merrifield, Mark Messer, Ruth Messer, Laurie Meyerrose, M. Beverly Miller, Michael Moorman, Mia Moravis, Jon Morgan, Morrell Metalsmiths, LTD,  G. Sherman H. Morrison, Heather A. H. Morrison, David Morse, Donna Morse,  Nancy (Preus) Mosteller, Kelli Murphy, Chris Muskus

Chris LaClair, Lance LaClair, Ladies Circle of the Marlborough Federated Church, Scott Lamson, Helena Landis, Bethany Larson, Joseph R. LaVigne, Kristen Abbott Leach, Marilyn Leahy, CJ Leake, Cathy Lisle Lempke, Karen Letourneau, Susan Levine, Margaret Lynott

Our Chair Fund Stars ...

Elaine Zabel

Jon Ripley O'Brien, Matthew Ohlson, Old Colony Sound Lab, Olive Kids, Anita Oliveira, Otter Brook Brewery and Supplies, Our Advertisers

Gary Gagnon, Elizabeth & Heman Gifford Jr., Betsy Gilcreast, Charles Gilhooly, Give-A-Gram, Albert Goldsmith, Mary Ann Graham,

Grand Monadnock Arts Council, Peter Granucci, Christopher Gray, Lorrie Gray, Greens & Things, Great North Artists Mgmt Inc., Lorna & Dick Griffin, Guys & Gals

A Symphony of Flowers, Paula Aarons, ACCESS Inc., Actor's Circle Theatre, Adventure Limousine, Aerosmith, Agway, Allan Kendall's Office Specialists,  Ron Alvarez, Anonymous Donor, Antioch New England Graduate School, Antique Quest, Ariel Printing, Mary Armstrong, Terri Attas, Aubuchon Hardware, Audrey's of Greenfield, Ellen Avery

Special Thanks and Sponsors ...


(603) 876-6131 


Chuck Canesi, Marijke Carter, Judy Chapman, Gil Chase-Pinkney, Gina Chase-Pinkney, Katherine Clark, Colleen Cleveland, Mary Coates,

Michael Cohen, Kathy Conklin, Sam Conklin, Gail Connelly, Pamela J. (Knoy) Cooke, Cookin' Chris's Catering, Nancy Crom-Rizzuto,

Carole J. Cummings, Dan Cummings, Tommy Cummings

Frank Fisk, Gregory Flower, Jonathan Flower, Tracy Flower, Dic Ford, Nancy Fournier, Linda Fragomeni (Walsh), Gerry Fredricksen, Jim Fredricksen, Friends of The Samaritans, Cesar Fuchs, Nancy Fuchs, Diane Fukuda

Cassie & Jean Packard, Panera Bread, Paragon Cable, Parish Hall Committee, Donna Parkhurst, Marilyn Parpan (Tullgren), Yogesh Patel,

Dan Patterson, William & Jane Pearre, Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Pecorelli, People's Linen, The People's Voice, Perkins Home Center, Peterborough Players,

Victor Petrin, Phoenix Medical Supplies , Debbie Pickering, Tara Pinard, Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Pinney, Frank Place, Dee Plaisted, Playwrights Theatre,

Plotkin's Furniture , Al Pratt , Mr. & Mrs. Smith Pratt, Brad Proctor, Professional Services of Keene, Project Share, Putnam Insurance Agency

B & J Lighting, Baker's Inc., Bank and Business Forms, Mezzie Barber, Suzanne & George Bause, Klaus Bayr, Mr. & Mrs. Donald Beckwith,

Fran Beckwith, Robin Beckwith, Catherine & Frank Behrens, Carole Belsky, Scott Belt, Michael & Joan Benik, Bentley Commons, Jane Black, Mike Blair, Jennifer & Matt Bond, Booksource, Rich & Traci Booth, Steve Bourque, Russell Brandwein, Brattleboro Post Office, Brattleboro Retreat,

Brattleboro Union HS Drama Club, The Brick House Tile, Broadway Pizza, Rhonda Brown, Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Bruno, Jeff Bumous, Steve Bunn, Burdick Chocolates, Buttercup Embroidery, Bush Family, Kathy Bush

In Memoriam ...

Take 1 Video Photography, August Tardiff, Targett Dry Cleaner, Tarot Card Readings, David Teubner, Ray Thibeault, The Toadstool Bookshops,

Torsey Lawncare, Totally Shears, Town of Marlborough NH, Troy Community Theatre, Tyke Truck Equipment

Charlie Sable, The Samaritans, John & Margaret Sansone, Savings Bank of Walpole, Richard & Margaret Seaver, Selectmean Town of Hinsdale,

Janet S. Severance, Mitchell Shakour, Shamire, Shamrock Real Estate, Deb Shaw, Shaws Supermarket, Deputy Fire Chief George Shepard,

Silk Flower Design, Sims Press Inc., Small Pond Productions, Mr. & Mrs. Carl Snow, Sodexho Dining Services at KSC, Katrina & Todd Spenceman,

Pat Spicer, Deborah Sprague, Springfield Community Players St. George Greek Orthodox Church Hall, Stephen & Marcelle Stabler, Stanton Family, Kevin Starkey, Andrea Stasio, Stevens Graphics, Tyler Strickland, Sun Foods, Sandy Swinburne

Sandy & John Raasoch, Piper Reason, The Red Shed of Troy, Michael Reid, Remember Basil Ltd., Wally Reney, Rent-1-Plus, Rentorium of Keene, Jeffrey Repko, Jeff Rhone, Kevin Riley, Pat Robinson, Ron & Mary's CJ & Karaoke Svcs.,  RONISKINS, Alison Rossiter, Barbara Rogers, Debbie Rose, Cristen Rosinski, Janet Russell

Michelle Quinn, Quality Shoppe

Families and Friends of the Cast, Mark Ferman, First Night in Keene, Fletcher Funeral Home, The Flower Von Trapp Family, Gregory Flower,

Jonathan Flower, Sarah Flower, Frost Free Library, Debbie Fuller

Dean Eaton, Cythnia Elmour (Rodier), Entertainment Times, Gilbert Evans, Everything Goes

Walier Chevrolet, Mr. & Mrs. James Walker, Web Ryders, West St. Texaco, Whetstone Theatre Company, Wilber Bros. Super Market,

Wild Nightz Band, Winchester Theater Group, WKBK AM 1220 Keene, Women's Crisis Services of the Monadnock Region, Woodward's Antiques, Worden's Quality Printing, Works of Artermont Theatre Company

Kris Kane, Al Karevy, Mari Keegan, Keene Beauty Academy, Keene Family YMCA, Keene Fire Department, Keene Flooring Concepts,

Keene Furs and Fashions Inc., Keene HS Drama Club, Keene HS Salmagundi, Keene Lions Club, Keene Monument Company ,

Keene Parks & Recreation,  Keene Police Department,  Keene Public Library, Keene Senior Center, Keene Sentinel, Keene Sentinel Printing Co.,

The Keene Unitarian Universalist Church, Keene State College, KeeneOnline.com, Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Keith, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Kernozicky,

Carrie Kidd, Sean & Suzanne King, Kings Table, Kingsbury Machine Tool Co., Susan Kingsbury, Kiser's Orthotic and Prosthetics Services,

Sandy Klein, Korvin Appliances, Bob Kramsky, The Kreylings, Kristen's Café & Bakery, Keith Kuningas

Imagistics, Interface

Helen Dagley, Heather Davenport, David Houston's Office Furntiure, Martha DeJohn, Michael Delaney, Marilyn DiCarlo, Robert DiLuzio,

Anthony Dinkel, Direct Line GR and Publishing, Dragon Real Estate, Drummer Hill Homeowners Assn., Dublin Police Department, Michael Duffin,

Lou Dumont

Ella MacDonald, Sophie MacDonald,  Donna Mackey, MacLaughlin Transportation, The MacMillin Company Inc., Charlie MacVeagh, 

M'Aidez/Mayday Inc., Louise C. Malcolm, Markem Corporation, The Marketing Clinic, Marlborough Country Convenience Store,

Marlborough Federated Church, Marlborough Police Department, Marl-Harris Ambulance Corp., Markem-Imaje, Susan Martel, Winifred Massaro,

Neil B. Masterson Jr., Elsie  & John McHugh, Maureen McHugh, Sharon McHugh, Mollie McKenzie, McKerley Health Care Center, Mr. & Mrs. Maurice McLachlan, Jay McMahon, JoAnne Mead, The Melody Shoppe, Memorable Messages, Cindy Messer-Boynton, Laurie Meyerrose, Sandra D. Miles,

Monadnock Business Forms, Monadnock Community Hospital, The Monadnock Men's Resource Center, Monadnock Radio Group,

Monadnock Regional High School, Monadnock Shopper News, Michael Moorman, Katia Morosan, C. Leigh Morrell, Erin Morrell, Justin Morrell,

G. Sherman H. & Heather A. H. Morrison, Willow Morrison, Dana Moss, Mountain Ed's, The Moving Company (MOCO Arts). Munsonville Audio, Nancy & Aubrey Murdough, Al & Audry Murphy, Music Theatre International Library

Paula Aarons & Peter Granucci, Marion & Frank Almeida, Wendy Almeida, Beverly & Bryon Austin, Mark & Mary Armstrong,

Frank & Catherine Behrens, George Beoodle, Michael & Kathryn Blair, Dorothy A. Bond, Ralph M. Conant, Paul & Dot Bothwell, Robert M. Caron, Gail Connelly & Pat Spicer, Jane Courchene, Nancy Coutts, C.J. & Tommy Cummings, Dean Eaton - Your Kitchen Store, Cynthia Elmour (Rodier), 

Theron D. & Shirley S. Fosdick, Rufus & Mary Frost, Hal Grant, Tom & Birgitte Hastings, Judith & Charles Hildebrandt, Emily Woods Hogue,

Vesta Hornbeck, Evelyn S. Hubal, Jeff Stout Concepts, Bob Johnson & Debra Abbott, The Keene Sentinel, Susan Kingsbury, Allen & Susan Leach, Tom & Marie Lee, Life Art Community Resource Center, Margaret Lynott - Shamrock Real Estate, Susan MacNeil, Ann & Ray Mahoney,

David & Louise Malcolm, Jan Manwaring, Julie McCutcheon, Mary McDowel, Carla Messer, Monadnock Radio Group, Heather & Sherman Morrison, Doug & Jean Nelson, Jon R. O'Brien, Bill & Jeanne Pearre, Frank & Rita Repko, Angie & Larry Ruest, Shelly Ruest, Rynfest 2004, Julie Scadova,

Jim Schofield, N. Jeane Shaw, Rosemary Sias & Jay Francis, Samantha E. Skove,  Bill Stockman, Olaf & Mette Tabur, Joan G. & Herbert F. Taylor,

J. Taylor-Maule, Mark M. & Sharon Tanzer, Bob & Linda Toomey, Deborah Watson Tree, Lenore C. Walther, Amanda (Guthorn) Warman,

Amanda Watson & Michael Delaney, Elizabeth Demerse Zinn

Frank Behrens, Tricia Brown, Marijke Carter, Richard Freed, Paul Gimma Jr., Albert Goldsmith, Barbara Goldsmith, Robert Gunther, John Hubbard, Roxanne Kreyling, Emily Landis, Joseph R. LaVigne, Maria C. Lienhardt, Trish Metivier, Mezzonoche the Cat, Mittens Magee the Cat, Kate Phillips, Sandy Raasoch, Charles "Cecil B. DeClown" Sable a.k.a. The Great Santini, Christopher Smith, William Stowe, David Taylor, Doris Van Valzah, Robert Van Valzah Sr., Robert Wright 

Contributions made in honor of ...

Ben and Louie, Lori Goldring, Chris  & Emily Keck, Emma Rousell, Hannah Rousell, Wilson Rousell

Robert & Doris Van Valzah Sr., Variations, Nancy Varney, VT Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Vermont Theatre Company,

Video Reflections Inc., Millie Vigneault

Uniforms+ Plus, The UPS Store

J & J Discount, J. Bell's Used Appliances, Earl Jackman, Jeff Stout Concepts, Mr. & Mrs. Nick J. Jimaki, Jitterbeans Internet Café, Debbie Joslyn,

Journey to Ixtlan Book Store, J.P.M. Tuxedos, Tom Julius, Junction 1-3-5


Cody Hall, Matt Hall, Jan Haman, Barbara Hamel, Emy Hamm, Ken Hamshaw, Harold "Dad" Harper, Amber Harris, Brian Harrison, Kerry Harrison, Elise Hayes, Bryan Hebert, Peter Heed, Trica Heed, Ian Hefele, Kate Heffernan (Gagnon), Ayars Hemphill, Peter Hiebert, Brianna Hill, Julie Hinman,

Jack Hitchner, Genienne (Mongno) Hockensmith, Emily Hogue, Rhonda Holin, Rebecca Holtz, Vesta Hornbeck, Kelly Houston, Aaron Howland, Frederick Hoyt, John Hubbard, Katie Hynes

Maren Gagne, Ben Gagnon Photography, Gary Gagnon, Rochelle Gandour, Page Gifford, Jim Glen, Teri Glen, Lori Goldring, Albert Goldsmith, Barbara Goldsmith, Tim Gori, Mary Ann Graham, Tim Graves, Lorrie Gray, Rob Gray, Lorna Griffin, Robert Gunther

Mike Cahoon, Nelly Calhoun, Joe Campagna, Jr., Brooks Campbell, Ian Canfield, Max Carmel, Emma Carmody, Trina Carmody, William Carmody, Myah Caruso, David Chase, Gina Chase-Pinkney, Lisa Cherchio, Cindy Choate, Kelly Choate, Katherine Clark, Rich Clough, Chris Coates,

Christian Coffman, Michael Cohen, Nell Conkright, Gail Connelly, Kat Connelly, Andrew Cooke, Pamela J. (Knoy) Cooke, Jennifer Cormier, Nancy Coutts, Jerard-James Craven, Alan Crofut, Carole J. Cummings

Bob Haas, Steve Hadd, Hair Masters, Louise Hall, Jan Haman, Hampshire Music, Hamshaw's Lumber, Hannaford Super Stores, Mariah Herlihy (Sefel), Hinsdale Police & Fire Dpt, Homestead Press, Home Depot, The Hot Dog Man, Howard's Leather Store

Jim Gagne, Maren Gagne, Ben Gagnon, Dan Gagnon, Gary Gagnon, Kate (Heffernan)Gagnon, Kaeliegh Gagnon, Kristin Gagnon, Rochelle Gandour, Amanda Gardner, Scott Gardner, Wade Garrett, Bruce Gaucher, Jay Gelter, Page Gifford, Paul Gimma, Jr.. Lauren Glass, Renee Glowacki,

Lori Goldring, Jennifer Goodell, Michelle Goodell, Tim Gori, Peter Granucci, Patty Grass, Tim Graves, Lorrie Gray, Rob Gray, The Great Sardini,

Doug Green, Marty Grover, Nick Gruber, Amanda Guthorn (Warman)

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