Director/Producer: CJ Cummings

Director's Assistant: Tyler Strickland

Stage Manager: Brian Arsenault
Set Design: CJ Cummings

Masters of Set Construction: Jeff Repko, Matt Bond

Set Construction Assistants: Tommy Cummings, Tyler Strickland, Brian Arsenault, Marie Shanks, Lori Goldring, Sharon McHugh, CJ Cummings

Lighting Design: Scott H. Saxby
Lighting/Sound Technician: Sharon McHugh
Costume Coordinator: Margaret Lynott

Properties: BRT Board, Cast and Crew

Poster Design: Sharon McHugh

Publicity: CJ Cummings

Advertising: BRT Board

Production Photographer: CJ Cummings

Programn Layout/Design: CJ Cummings

Website: Sharon McHugh

Newsletter: Frank Behrens

Facebook Administrator: Lori Goldring

Branch River Theatre is pleased to present the Broadway hit and Tony award-winning Neil Simon comedy play “Brighton Beach Memoirs” directed by CJ Cummings. Performances will be on May 29, 30 & June 5, 6 at 8pm and May 31 & June 7 at 2pm at the Marlborough Community House, 160 Main St., Rt 101, Marlborough, NH. This is the first in a trilogy of semi-autobiographical coming-of-age comedy plays written by Neil Simon, preceding “Biloxi Blues” and “Broadway Bound”. Eugene Morris Jerome, the 15-year-old “Neil Simon” character, narrates and comments on this story of a Jewish family in 1937 Brighton Beach in Brooklyn, NY. Eugene is a pretty normal 15-year-old – obsessed with sports, dealing with his budding libido and caught in those awkward years between being a kid and an adult. He has a way of seeing things, though, and figuring out more than you’d expect him to understand about what’s going on in his home. Eugene’s overworked father; Jack, matriarchal mother; Kate and trouble-magnet of an older brother; Stanley, not to mention his widowed Aunt Blanche and her two daughters, Nora and Laurie, are all living together under one small roof and trying to cope with what life throws their way. As well as the everyday problems, the Great Depression, the inevitability of World War II and anxiety over the fate of relatives still in Poland loom heavy over the family. It was with this play, which premiered some 30 years ago, that Simon began to get some critical respect. And with good reason – it’s an enormously entertaining show, as funny as any of his comedies but poignant and heartwarming as well.

Brian Arsenault, Frank Behrens, Community House of Marlborough, Tommy Cummings, Kim Dupuis, The Edge Ensemble, Jonathan Flower, Bryan Hebert, Kiser's Orhotics and Prosthetic Services, Jean Pearre, Cristen Rosinski ... if we've forgotten anyone, our sincere apologies.


Director:/Producer: Sharon McHugh
Stage Manager: Brian Arsenault

Stage Crew: Rhonda Brown, Katrina Spenceman, Tyler Strickland
Scenic Design/Construction: Sharon McHugh
Set Construction: Brian Arsenault, CJ Cummings, Tommy  Cummings,  

Bryan Hebert, Alana Korda

SoundDesign/Technician: Bryan Hebert
Lighting Design/Technician: Jonathan Flower
Costume Coordinator: Margaret Lynott

Properties: Cast and Crew, BRT Board
Concessions: BRT Board
Publicity/Poster Design: CJ Cummings, Sharon McHugh
Ticket Sales/Box Office: BRT Board Members
Production Photographers: Maureen McHugh
Program Layout/Design: CJ Cummings
Website/Newsletter: Sharon McHugh, Frank Behrens
Facebook Administrator: Lori Goldring

THE CAST: Lori Goldring (Minnie), Michael Redmond (Henry), Margaret Lynott (Felicity), William Pearre (Mr. Peach) and CJ Cummings (Mrs. Reece)

Front Row: Cristen Rosinski (Thelma), Amanda Guthron (Kate), Alana Korda (Dawn) and David Fisch (Plummer)

The ladies of the F.A.H.E.T.G. Dramatic Society are at it again! This time they are putting on the very ambitious “Macbeth” for the Drama Finals at Welwyn Garden City. And, as usual, even after 9 months of painfully painstaking rehearsals, things do not go as expected. One character breaks her leg prior to the show and `soldiers' on, only to have her injuries multiply as they perform. Lady Macbeth gets on the wrong bus and is lost, forcing the Stage Manager, Henry, beard and all, to fill in. The Adjudicator, George Peach, announces that they only have 8 ½ minutes left to finish the play or they're disqualified, all the while,preparing for his own special `fancy' dress event. And, of course, Mrs. Reece tries to keep things on track and organized, failing miserably.

All performances will be at the Community House of Marlborough, 160 Main St., Rte. 101, Marlborough, NH on March 20, 21, 27 & 28, 2015 at 8 p.m. and March 22 & 29, 2015 at 2 p.m. Tickets will be $15 General Admission and $12 Seniors (62 and up) and Students. Sorry credit cards are not accepted at the door, BUT you can pay by credit card by going to our website and clicking on the Paypal button! Rated PG-13. Call 603-876-6131 or and reserve your seats now!

THE CAST: Back Row: Sam Murphy (Timmy Perks), Tyler Strickland (Jimmy/Harry Hummer), Chris Pratt (Jeffries the Butler/Life of the Party/Gerry Grimes), Damien Licata (Mort Blackburne), Margaret Lynott (Mrs. Hinkle/Gloria Downs) and Daniel Patterson (Pops)
Front Row: CJ Cummings (Old Woman/Sangria Floss), Emma Seidler (Helen Pillpher), Laurie Meyerrose (Ellen/Margaret Pottie) and David DeLollis (Mr. Hinkle/Clarence Dome)
Not Shown: Jonathan Ray (Sparks)

B & J Lighting, Ben Gagnon, Bentley Commons, Bonnie Moore, Carrie Kidd, Community House of Marlborough, David DeLollis, Frank Behrens, Jason Manos, Jeff Yarus, Jon O'Brien, Keene Public Library, Maureen McHugh, Small Pond Productions, Tommy Cummings, Tony Contarino


Director: Lori Goldring
Stage Manager: Carrie Kidd
Scenic Design/Construction/Properties: Lori Goldring
Set Construction: The Cast, Toni Contarino, Tommy  Cummings, Jeff Yarus
Sound Design/Technician: Ben Gagnon
Lighting Design/Technician: Sharon McHugh  
Costumes: Margaret Lynott
Concessions: Carrie Kidd
Publicity/Poster Design: CJ Cummings, Sharon McHugh
Ticket Sales/Box Office: BRT Board Members
Production Photographers: Ben Gagnon, Maureen McHugh
Program Layout/Design: Sharon McHugh
Website/Newsletter: Sharon McHugh, Frank Behrens
Facebook Administrator: Lori Goldring

with Jason Manos

A fun, fast-paced comedy with some spooky bits thrown in for good measure!...A hilariously witty whodunit murder mystery that takes place in NYC at a 1940s radio station. Murder causes madness and mayhem to run rampant while a radio show cast scrambles to do a live broadcast on Halloween night.


(603) 876-6131

"What a solid cast- what a great show! Great job, Cj Cummings- we really enjoyed ourselves. I loved seeing new talent and known friends shine. smile emoticon Grade A costumes and set - go support BRT at its best!" - Heather M.

"Thank you for such wonderful entertainment." - Patti K.

"Such a great play!" - Holly G.

"We loved it!!" - Janel S.

"The set blew me away, and I loved everything about the production!" - Bernadette K.

"Kate and I went to see Brighton Beach at the Marlborough Playhouse. It was the best BRT show I've seen in years. Congratulations CJ Cummings. Great show!" - Jonathan F.

"FABULOUS! Do not miss this show!!! These 2 (Marilyn/Paul) are terrific on stage!!! The entire cast as outstanding!!! Enjoyed every minute!!! KUDOS!!!!!" - Kay L.

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THE CAST: Lori Goldring (Blanche Morton), Samantha DiPietro (Nora Morton), Marilyn Tullgren (Kate Jerome), Adrian Lezcano (Stanley Jerome), Ke'ala Barnard (Laurie Morton), Cody Hall (Eugene Morris Jerome) and Paul Teitelman (Jack Jerome)

Community House of Marlborough, Bentley Commons, Sequoya Technologies Group, LLC., Colony House B&B, Home Depot, C&S Wholesale Grocers, Monadnock Fence Company Inc., Tyler Strickland, Brian Arsenault, Jeff Repko, Matt Bond, Scott H. Saxby, Tom Cummings, Dan Cummings, Sharon McHugh, Lori Goldring, Cody Hall, Sunset Tool, Hannafords, Walmart, Price Chopper and Target, if we've forgotten anyone, our sincere apologies.


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Marlborough Community House

160 Main Street

Route 101

Marlborough NH 03455 

"Marilyn, there is nothing you can't do! We saw "Brighton Beach Memoirs" last night and you were nonpareil, as always! Just astounding and your every nuance was compelling! Break a leg today!." - Mia M.

"I agree with Deb [P.]. Fabulous show. Great cast, set, costumes, etc. thoroughly enjoyed it." - Laurie M.

" I really enjoyed this show!" - Sharon J.

"Last night I went with a group of my friends to see Brighton Beach Memoirs! If you haven't seen it I would highly recommend getting a group together or just going by yourself to see this wonderful show. It was great to see so many familiar faces and also see some new faces. Cj has had a vision for the show for quite a long time, and it was really great to see it come to life on the stage. The acting is phenomenal and the set looks fantastic! Only two more times to see it -- tonight at 8 o'clock and tomorrow at the matinee. Congratulations to the cast and crew!" - Debbie P.

"Good morning all! Ditto to Cj Cummings and cast of BBM smile emoticon The show was excellent, well cast, touched every emotion in us. The set was amazing... kudos to Jeff Repko & Matt Bond (Jennifer Mangone Bond, pass on the words of praise!)" - Barb A.


P.O. Box 336 
Keene, NH 03431



(603) 876-6131 


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